Lecce: “the Florence of the South”, the lady from Salento who fascinates visitors from everywhere. Cosmopolitan by vocation, only for the fact that during its course there have been populations, empires and dominations following each other: from the ancient Messapians, the first inhabitants during the Bronze Age, who gave life to the first settlements and the ancient name of the place, “Messapia”, which means “Land between the two seas”; to the Greeks and Romans, who built ports, amphitheaters and roads, making it the nucleus of the trade with the Mediterranean, until it became under the Spanish domination, just after Naples, one of the most important Italian artistic and cultural centers. It was at this time that Lecce was enriched with beautiful buildings and monuments in Baroque art: its soul in stone.



We will accommodate the Caravan in Lequile, in Salentocaravan, a clean and tidy oasis among the olive trees.

Why we chose it: because of its strategic position. From here, you can reach Lecce by car (own, to rent or thanks to the transfer service that we provide), visit and fully enjoy the beauty of the city and return to relax in the campsite.
Thanks to the proximity to the highway, it is also possible to reach in a few minutes the Ionian coast and its beautiful beaches and cliffs, as well as the inland villages of high historical and cultural value: Copertino, Zollino, Galatone, Corigliano, Galatina. A real experience that allows you to combine life in the open air, sea, city and nature in one solution!




MarcoPoint of Interest: Lecce