It lies down on the coast, some houses scattered on the cliff, a small beach surrounded by soft rocks that shine in the sun and, more on, a large and fresh pine forest: so at first sight appears S. Andrea, away from mass tourism itineraries, a pearl of the Salento that few tourists know. Although, its scenarios have been around the world: the Faraglioni, the majestic rocks that emerge from the waters that have allowed the town to boast several times the title of “blue flag”. Over the centuries, the erosion of the sea has created in this place something truly magical: just a few meters from the coast, the Faraglioni seem giants to guard the territory.

The most beautiful stack is the arch-shaped one: passing through it, is a unique experience that can only be done in some corners of the world. Furthermore, if you happen to be on the right day, you will find a calm and crystalline water that you will never forget!

We will lodge the Caravan in the Camping area “I Faraglioni”: equipped with all the comforts for guests, here you can experience the camping at strict contact with nature, the simple life and the quiet of a location away from mass tourism itineraries.

Why we chose it: because of its strategic position, which allows you to fully enjoy the beauties that follow each other along the miles of the Adriatic coast: Roca, Torre dell’Orso, cliffs overlooking the sea, countryside, and for the services it offers in collaboration with other structures : shuttles, excursions on horseback or by quad, rental of cars or bicycles, booking and delivery of typical products just at your door!

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